Shh! The baby’s sleeping!


Oh gosh. You guys. I started writing this nearly 12 hours ago. Obviously, that didn’t go over well. It was a napless Monday. But after a long, grouchy day, Little One is finally sleeping peacefully. So what do I do? Hop on here to chat with you and dig into some ice cream. A bit obvious, don’t you think?

How was your weekend? Mine was FULL. In addition to all the usual stuff, I finally decided to chop off my hair and detail my car. Both things were sadly overdue. The weather here is gorgeous (apologies to all my snowbound friends!) and spring is nearly in the air. I went for my first outdoor run of 2014 today. It. Was. Glorious.

After a full and almost spring-y weekend, it seems like The Killers are the perfect way to start out this new week. Sound good?


What did you do this weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Shh! The baby’s sleeping!

  1. You sound like you’re holding up okay after such a long day!! Impressive! I know I’d be so wiped that I’d just fall asleep on the floor. Haha.
    This weekend J and I tried Duck pizza. It was fairly disgusting.


    1. Duck pizza?? Straaaange. Because you now have me thinking about odd pizzas, have you ever had lobster pizza? Unlike duck, it’s definitely scrumptious.

      As far as falling asleep in the floor, that sounds like a great idea and I think I’ll do that instead of ice cream next time. :)


  2. My weekend was kind of extraordinary too. My dog was down with the flu, but there isn’t any veterinary clinic open on weekends. Luckily, he got over it. Next, I charred my steak. As if that wasn’t enough, I mindlessly applied Tabasco sauce on the other side and ate it. My internet connection was down for 4 hours, so I was hopelessly disconnected from my dear readers and fellow bloggers. Oh yeah, and my car broke down in the middle of the freeway because of a battery glitch. Besides all that, the weekend was pretty normal! :P :D


    1. AP, sounds like you had a weekend for the ages! Sick dog and car trouble? Jeeze. I won’t even address the charred steak and internet trouble (side note: we don’t waste steak around here either).

      Glad your dog is okay and I hope the car trouble was an easy fix. My first car had battery issues and would leave me stranded all. the. time. That’s never any fun at all.

      Here’s hoping the rest of your week is completely problem free.


      1. First of all, what a wonderful pic of you, Kaela! You had it all chopped off? It looks great. Where have I been not noticing this? Gah!!!

        Secondly, but best of all, this video rocks! I mean I genuinely love this video so much. There’s something about it. Must be a feeling or an emotion it’s tapping in me that got me into a dead stare at the screen! Beautiful, is all I can say. Beautiful!!!

        Lastly, thanks for posting these awesome videos. I’m realizing your tastes are pretty much in line with my tastes and I’m thankful for having more wonderful music to listen to! :)


      2. Aren’t The Killers fantastic!? I’m loving their new stuff. And this video is great. You should also check out their video for Just Another Girl. It’s excellent as well.

        Thanks, Jack! Glad you’re enjoying the music!


  3. The Killers? Sounds great!
    Glad to return to find you holding down the blogging fort. I have some catching up to do. Prepare your comment in-box for a bombardment.
    Glad you had a productive weekend and good weather! The new hair-do looks great by the way. :)


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