I’m traveling for work this week. The DC area is one of my favorite places to go for work–and now I know this time of year is the perfect time. It’s gorgeous. Every other tree is absolutely lit up with blooms in shades of pink, purple, and white. The weather is perfect. The sun is clear and bright.

Traveling always reminds me how easy it is for me to disconnect from the people around me. I could quite easily talk to no one all day long. Occasionally, this is okay. It’s fine for me to introvert and enjoy solitude. But I’ve realized that this also cuts me off from so many things. I’m in a beautiful place with people from all over the country learning about the things that matter to me–why wouldn’t I welcome conversation with others?

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aaron-burden-521422-unsplashI almost applied for post-grad school.

Can you believe that?
I just got done with the whole get-your-education thing (it took me 10 years to get my BA and MA) and I was suddenly considering going back into the mess of deadlines and debt to get my PhD.

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I’m Learning

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sitting under my favorite quilt. There’s a gooey rum cake in the fridge and my dog is happily curled up in the sunshine. The kiddo? She’s upstairs, playing Mario Brothers–her new favorite thing. My boyfriend (yeah, he’s great) is sanding and staining a shelf for our kitchen nook. Our Christmas tree is significantly larger on one side than the other and the ornaments are unevenly distributed. There are presents under the tree–most of them with too many bows. My Christmas cactus is full of silky white blooms and there is nothing for me to do today but write and relax.

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Meanwhile, in the Adventures of Myla and Kaela…


Yes, hello.

It’s me. It’s been awhile, I know. Surely you’re used to this nonsense by now.

In the time I’ve been gone, a thing or two has happened, as they often do.



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The Least of These


This might be an uncomfortable time for you. It is for me. Many of us have been living in a really comfortable age where we didn’t have to stand for much of anything because none of what we loved was under threat. That’s privilege.

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For The Moments When You Doubt


For you.

You are strong. You will continue growing and getting stronger because that’s who you are. Remember who you used to be and how far you’ve come.

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Let Them Be


I am wrong far more often than I’d like.
I make mistakes like it’s going out of style and have to take a really hard look at who I am at my core at least once a week.

It is tempting in this strange world we live in to judge and categorize all my experiences and decisions in a misguided—but well-intended—effort to make some sense of things.

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Our country is a frightening place right now. People on both sides of the political spectrum are spewing hatred, desperate to be heard, understood, and acknowledged. Hate crime is on the rise and anyone who is not white and straight finds themselves in a place of uncertainty and fear. As a straight, white person, I see how privileged I am and my heart breaks for those who find themselves in a world that is not safe or welcoming.

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To Be A Woman



oh, vast soul, whose only
worth is measured by
the body she’s been
trapped in
raped in
cursed in
hid in
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Of Stopping and Starting Over

I haven’t been blogging for a reason. Or really, for a hundred different reasons that piled on top of each other until I was too exhausted to even try to pull something true out of myself and put it on paper.

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